These demos, interfaces and methods are available for public and commercial use. Check the license or copyright in the code before using.

I have not been able to maintain the code as much as I would like, but I am more than happy to take suggestions and fix bugs. Just email

All these demos are Javascript based, some use a little PHP for graphics drawing.


Sound Of Traffic New
Java app which converts network traffic into midi music. (OS X & Linux);


Clippings System for storing links for later browsing.

sg layout Multi column text formating, with limited image support.
Updated 11.03.2003 for Safari


connect Dynamicaly draw lines conecting text to images or text to text.

scale Scalable layout with image scaling.

line drawing PHP and DOM line drawing tool

size text Adjust text size based upon the window size.


anchors This has been removed due to bugs and compatibility issues.

sg_swapNode Swaps two DOM nodes. Similiar to Win/IE's swapNode.


Bookmarklets These are little tools(scripts) you can use inside your web browser to remove ad's, reformat the page, etc.