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Collection of tools for use with your browser. These are not links

Tries to find the the printer version of an article.
Tested on: NY Times, Salon, Washington Post, LA Times, The Guardian, The Economist*, SF Gate, and The New Yorker.

* May not work in all areas of the site.

Links Only v1.2 **
Shows only the links on a page. Includes a count of all the links.

Clean Read
Removes non article text from news sites like CNN, NYTimes, Washington Post and The will not work on all pages

Clean Read v1.2gh **
Same as above, but sets the column width to 400 pixels.

** Thanks to Ben Winslow rain @ bluecherry o net for sending in a Mozilla compatible version.

Zap v1.1
Removes underlines from links, images, iframes(these usually hold rich media ads).

Goes to a PDF file on a page, or will create a list of links to PDF's if more than one is on the page.

Drag the "links" into your Links bar(Favorites on IE Mac, or Personal Bar in Netscape).

You may get a warning about placing them in you toolbar, but ignore that, after all what could possibly happen? This is the internet, everything is well protected.

Requires: Netscape 6*, or IE 5+

These are known as a bookmarklets.

*Clean Read may not be working in Netscape 6.0 or Mozilla currently.

I have created these as something of an experiment in web design. How does eliminating or altering elements of a document affect its usability and design? They are not very useful, but may prove fun to some.

If you find any bugs or have an idea please email