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Clippings add a method of collecting links on a site for later browsing. First used at and also in use at Three Oh (called Excerpts), they function like a shopping basket for links or other URI addressed data. Cookies are required.

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Clippings were created with the intent to allow a user to browse data, such as headlines, and select articles for later reading. Current methods of navigating a web site force users to follow one path, unless the user opens different paths in multiple windows. This is not an elegant solution. Clippings attempts to provide an elegant solution to a less linear browsing experience.




version 1.01: changes the style sheet some to fix a display error in Mozilla .9.3. Added #clippingsContainer A style. There are still some minor display problems in Moz .9.3, but I believe these are bugs in Moz, not the clippings.



<a id="clippingId" class="clippingIcon">+</a><b>clippingName</b>

For Example: <a id="clp1" class="clippingIcon">+</a><b>Three Oh</b>


allClippings[allClippings.length] = new Clipping(clippingId,"clippingName","clippingUrl");

For Example: allClippings[allClippings.length] = new Clipping(1,"Three Oh","");

Clipping Object

The Clipping Object can be extended to include additional meta data. The below is the required data:
	function Clipping(id,name,URL, read)
	{ = id; = name;
	this.URL = URL; = read;
	this.clicked = markRead;
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