I don't remember the first time I read the New York Times.

Read it for celebrity or arts news.

Do you remember the first time you read the New York Times for a juicy bit of celebrity reporting?

Wouldn't it be great to go on a vacation with a movie star? Probably not. I can only imagine what it would be like to be in Tokyo with Angelina Jolie. Actually I can't imagine it at all. Tokyo not Angelina.

The passport is expired anyway. No leaving the country. Will They let me renew it? I can't get anyone to take a passport photo. Everyone says it is too dangerous. To take a photo? Yes they tell me.

A Jake Gyllenhaal said he would paint my passport photo for 2 XAU. I paid him.

Unfortunately, and I didn't know this, he is a neo-Cubist. It looks like I may never leave.

The painting does look nice on the wall. It is right next to a poster I have of Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

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