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John Weir




Fame Driver
Designed and created this service to host portfolios for designers, artists, photographers and stylists.

Color Wheel
A vector graphics color picker, an example of what can be done with Javascript.
Colorwheel on Github

Team Gallery
Designed and coded this website and content management system for Jose Freire's commercial gallery.

Fine Art Adoption Network
I architected and coded this for artist Adam Simon and Art in General.

Zipporah Films
Designed and developed this site for film maker Frederick Wiseman.

The Onion AV Club Redesign
Redesign mockups. I also created the HTML for these mockups and this was the basis for the AV Clubs design from 2005-2008.

College Art Association
Developed the backend application and front end for the publication of art book reviews.

https://safehub.com no longer online
Developed a client side javascript framework for creating, storing and rendering encryted data. Created the Rails server side application and assited in architecting the Firefox extensions.

WinAMP Redesign
Redesign mockups for AOL's WinAmp. Done with Odopod.

Man With a Movie Camera
http://dziga.perrybard.net Project for artist Perry Bard. This application is based heavily around using ruby to manipulate and montage user uploaded video.

International Herald Tribune (2000-2003)
I designed, architected and coded the interface for this site.
A single partner developed the CMS, designed the database, coded an incredible article flow system and designed the server configuration. And he taught me how to learn SQL and how to learn, not ask, in general.

small works:

Sound of Traffic converts network traffic into midi tones
Congress by Religion incomplete dataset
Scatter real-time video processing
Venetian Snares
Nike Dolls
Normal American
Tokyo Electric 1